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 Orange League

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PostSubject: Orange League   Orange League I_icon_minitimeMay 8th 2012, 10:13 pm

Orange League Rules:

  • Gyms may be challenged in any order with Stadium being last
  • Gyms/Stadium/Champion may be challenged once a week

Orange Islands League:

  • Mikan Gym (NU) Coral-Eye Badge
  • Navel Gym (LU) Sea Ruby Badge
  • Trovita Gym (UU) Spike Shell Badge
  • Kumquat Gym (Ubers) Jade Star Badge

    A Trainer with all 4 badges may challenge for the Winner's Trophy

  • Pummelo Stadium (OU) Winner's Trophy

    Trainers must use the same teams from their Gym battles to challenge the Champion

  • Champion - Must defend using the same teams they defeated the Gyms with in a best of 5 series.

    A trainer must stake their 4 Orange League Badges/Winner's Trophy to challenge the Champion

Match Rules:

  • 6v6 Wifi
  • Clauses: Sleep Clause, Species Clause, Wifi Battle, Self-KO Clause

Champions will have their name, date, and teams put into the Palace of Victory AKA The Orange League Hall of Fame

Palace of Victory trainers may challenge Gyms/Stadium once a week in a best of 3 series for their position
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Orange League
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