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 Apply to be Xclusive

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Apply to be Xclusive Empty
PostSubject: Apply to be Xclusive   Apply to be Xclusive I_icon_minitimeOctober 28th 2012, 5:04 am

Fill out this questionaire

If accepted, make an Xclus|username and auto-join the Xclusive channel

Refer to this thread http://xclusive.4umer.com/t7-official-xclusive-member-requirements

Quote :

Why do you want to join Xclusive?

How did you find out about Xclusive?(referral,ladder,tours, etc)

Are you currently in any other clans? (if so, you will be expected to leave them for Xclusive)

What is your username you most often go by?

What is your ladder/rank peak?(screenshots)

What can you offer for Xclusive?(battling skills, conversationalist,youtuber, etc)

Apply to be Xclusive Jirachi

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Apply to be Xclusive
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