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 Tournament Rules And Guidelines

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Tournament Rules And Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Tournament Rules And Guidelines   Tournament Rules And Guidelines I_icon_minitimeJune 14th 2012, 12:28 pm

Please note the following:
Read everything in this thread before participating in tournaments
Follow everything that has been stated in this thread
Welcome to the Tournaments section of Xclusive!
The purpose of this thread is to keep this section as organized as possible.

Guidelines for Hosting a Pokemon Tournament

Before making the sign-up thread:
You must get your tournament approved by the following people:

To get your idea approved, you need to Private Message the following to the above users on the forum:
Title of tournament
Tour format
Aimed number of participants
Be sure that you can handle the number of participants. A 64 person tournament usually takes about one to two months to complete.

When your tournament has been approved, make the necessary threads:
You must include the URL of this thread and all the threads previously related to your tournament in your latest thread of your tournament
Give a deadline; this is a must as this keeps your tournament going
Giving out prizes is optional
As much as possible, avoid giving out byes. Have substitutes to take place of inactive players.
Give out extensions to a minimum
Disqualifying players must be initiated in a fair basis:
If it's still round 1 and the deadline, as well as the extension deadline, has passed sub-out the less active player
If round 1 has passed, as well as the deadline and extension deadline, and players has yet to finish their battles, give the win to the more active player
If both players are equally active, and round 1, the deadline, and the extension deadline have all passed, flip a coin to decide the winner. However, try your best to avoid this. Have substitutes in place of inactive players.
Don't make the match-ups of your own tournament if you're going to participate in it.
Try getting someone else to do the match ups. Use a random match maker generator: http://davidpeter.me/apps/bracketmaker
Do not change the rules of your tournament in future rounds without letting players know during sign-ups.
Do not abandon your tournament; you must be able to host the whole tournament. If you're going on a vacation or some sort of emergency is preventing you to continue hosting the tournament, then have someone as backup to continue hosting the tournament. Inability to do this could result to your banning of hosting future tournaments. If a backup cannot be found, then make sure people know that the tournament is on hold for some reason and not abandoned, and re-schedule the rounds.

Guidelines for Players who Joined a Tournament
Read everything on the sign-up thread
Follow all the rules. If there is a rule which you don't agree on, don't join
Get your match completed on time! Schedule a time with your opponent through Private Message.
The decision of the tour host is basically final; Consult any Pokemon Online tournament staff if you don't agree on something.
Sportsmanship must be exhibited.
Scouting of any form is not allowed without the discretion of the players. This is when a player attempts to find out the opponents team by viewing the opponents battles at the opponents displeasure.
Ghosting is not allowed in any form. This is when a player plays for another player by going on their account or giving the player playing constant advice.
Be active! If you're not going to be active for the full period of the tournament, don't join. If something happens that you did not expect, you could kindly contact the overseer of the tour, but don't complain if you are dq'd.
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Tournament Rules And Guidelines
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